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best rocket stove

Best Rocket Stove

A rocket stove is an efficient, wood-burning stove that can produce clean, high-temperature combustion while using dry wood twigs, branches, pine cones, leaves, and other biomass as fuel.

Can a rocket stove be used indoors?

A rocket stove can be used indoors. It is portable. It can use indoors for cooking, heating rooms, etc.


  • Durable
  • Perfect for family and group camping
  • Durable and sturdy
  • High fuel-efficiency
  • Allows large pot cooking
  • Self-feeding fuel pipe
  • Minimal smoke

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Basic rocket stove parts and how it works

A rocket stove is built with these basic parts.

A fuel shelf/fuel feed-tube: This is the part where the fuel is fed into the stove, usually a flat surface or tube that leaves the airway clear. The fuel feed-tube protects the fire from wind and preheats the cold air that goes into the airway below the feed-tube and the internal chimney.

The stove airway: is the airway that allows cool air to go into the stove and keeps the fire burning.

The combustion chamber: This is the section where the fuel is combusted. It is insulated to keep the fire hot and make the wood burn completely. The insulation material should be light, heavy insulation material will absorb more heat that could instead go to heating the pot.

The internal chimney: This is a short insulated pipe that stands vertically above the fire and causes the wood to burn strongly but cleanly. It also allows for easier lighting. In simple models, this function is served by the combustion chimney.

best rocket stove

How a rocket stove works:

  • You feed the wood into the horizontal tube, ensuring even combustion of the pieces.
  • The internal chimney creates air draft, therefore, speeding up the combustion of the fuel and the creation of hot gases.
  • The hot gases are forced through the combustion tube or the ‘skirt’ that surrounds the pot, causing the pot to heat and the food to cook.

Differences Between Rocket Stove & Open fire (stoves)

Rocket stove

  • Minimal smoke/CO is released into the air
  • Efficiency in fuel consumption; fuel costs little or nothing and is combusted almost completely with minimal residue
  • Efficient transfer of energy to the cooking pot
  • Fire is enclosed in the internal chamber, providing better safety when using the stove

Open fire (stoves)

  • Large amounts of pollutants are released into the air with the risk of causing respiratory problems to users
  • Quick consumption of lots of fuel with plenty of residues
  • Poor transfer of heat to the pot with plenty of heat lost into the air
  • The fire is open and, therefore, a risk to the user

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